Posted by: ktzefr | October 2, 2015

Waiting for Joaquin…

on a yucky, rainy, chilly Friday. 

Watching the birds.  I’ve refilled all the feeders — the two for the hummingbirds, the two thistle feeders for the finches, and the big squirrel-proof apparatus that feeds everyone else.  The goldfinch are partway through their molting process and the bright yellow boys of summer look…well, dirty.  Their winter colors, like many other birds that completely molt in fall, are drab. 

The little hummers stay perched on the feeder for a long time, drinking as much as they can.  I suppose all this rain has washed the good stuff off the flower blossoms.  This week I’ve seen many hummer battles.  I worry about them surviving the drenching from Joaquin that is to come later this weekend.  But I suppose if these tiny critters can make it all the way across the Gulf of Mexico to their winter getaways, they can survive the coming storm.

Every year about this time I start to get antsy, too.  Yesterday, I pulled a sweater out of the “winter” closet for the first time since spring.  On the floor of that closet is a line of luggage.  Over the years we’ve gone from big, hard-sided, heavy suitcases to smaller and smaller, lighter and lighter bags.  I pull out the sweater, shiver in the cold, and think about taking out one of those small bags, stuffing it to the brim, and heading somewhere warm.

But that’s not going to happen at the moment.

So, the hurricane headed this way got me to thinking about the birds, and the birds got me to thinking about the upcoming migration south, and that got me to thinking about food.  Mexican food.  Good, authentic, the real-deal Mexican food.  For the moment, I’ll have to settle for looking at pictures of my favorites and remembering…

These amazing Sopes (chorizo, chicken, and beef) at La Bohemia on the Jardín Unión in Guanajuato City.  It’s only rain outside my window, but I can almost hear the mariachi music…

Sopes, La Bohemia, Guanajuato City, Guanajuato, Mexico; Photo:KFawcett

Sopes, La Bohemia, Guanajuato City, Guanajuato, Mexico; Photo:KFawcett


Check out SOPES, a good recipe to make at home.  Queso fresco and Crema Mexicana are always best, but this recipe does include ways to substitute if you cannot find real Mexican cream and cheese.  

Hmmm…wondering what I’ve got in the refrigerator on this yucky, rainy, chilly Friday.





  1. As always, a well written article!

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    • Thanks, Mayla. Do let me know how Daniel Boone turns out!!

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