On Books and Writing

Click links below to check out reviews and my latest posts on books and writing:

Tina Hanlon at Ferrum College in Virginia wrote a lovely review of TO COME AND GO LIKE MAGIC earlier this year.

10 Surprising Facts about Animals (a review of Bats Sing, Mice Giggle:The Surprising Science of Animals’ Inner Lives

To Come and Go Like Magic wins the Evelyn Thurmon Kentucky Young Readers Award!

Books and Autumn Sunsets: Lost and Found

The favorite books of famous authors…some that fell through the cracks of time; others that linger in the mind

Have Book, Will Travel (summer reading that inspires)

To Come and Go Like Magic…amongst the Redbuds (Weekend in Kentucky, Redbud Festival)

Bank Street Children’s Committee’s Best Children’s Books of the Year (To Come and Go Like Magic made the list!)

To Come and Go Like Magic: The Soundtrack (Twelve songs from scenes in the story — gospel, 60s rock, folk, and others.)

Women Travelers in the Ice and Snow: Tibet to the Rockies

(Isabella Bird’s trek through the Colorado Rockies and Alexandra David-Neel’s trek through Tibet’s rugged mountain passes to be the first woman to enter the Forbidden City)

Tea and Poetry: Verses and Vignettes and a few “albino gorillas” (What do you remember from the books you read?)

Eat, Pray, Love…and Read! More books by women travelers from Canada to Kabul to Japan.

Q & A With the Wild Girls Mother/Daughter Book Club…A Discussion of To Come and Go Like Magic

Stories of Strong-willed Girls (three books for young readers: Hattie Big Sky, Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind, and Out of the Dust)

The Anthropology of Turquoise: Reflections on Desert, Sea, Stone, and Sky (musings from the Sierra Nevade, the Mojave, the Yucatan…memoir, natural history, and adventure)

Women Travelers: Three More Adventures (from Beijing to Berlin, across Iran, and down-the-river in a dugout in Africa)

Celebrate Earth Day with Books (check out these three books about encounters with the natural world by William W. Warner, Barbara Kingsolver, and Gayle Brandow Samuels)

Before Eat, Pray, Love: Other Tales, Other Women (check out these female writers who had “been there, done that” long before Ms. Gilbert decided to traipse around the world).

Mexico: Fact and Fiction (4 books set in various parts of Mexico — San Miguel de Allende, Oaxaca, Mexico City, and beyond; two travel/memoirs, a book of short fiction, and a young adult novel)

On Caribbean Reading (2 books for adults; 2 books for young readers; slim volumes, rich stories, for travel.

Voices from the Arab World (Books by Arab writers or with a setting in the Arabic world and songs by musicians from Morocco, Algeria, the Sudan et al)

On Mountain Writers (Books, quotes, and quips by Appalachian authors)

Five Favorite Books of Appalachia (guest blogger for the author C.M. Mayo)

Best Travel Writing, 2009; Books on Mexico and Kentucky History (Anthology of travel stories edited by Anthony Bourdain, Three good Mexico reads, and an excellent antique bookstore find)

Check out Appalachian Fiction for Children and Young Adults.



  1. My wife and I, we read very much. She reads Finnish books and I French books mainly. I have about 1500 books in French. The tour of reading them all, takes about 10 years. Of course, I read some books in Spanish and Portuguese, but rarely Finnish. In our home we have few Finnish books. My favorite writer is Zane Grey. He knows the nature and all the secrets of human heart.

    Happy reading!

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