Posted by: ktzefr | April 4, 2019

Morning walks, encounters, memories…

On my morning walk a couple of weeks ago with my head in the clouds…

I don’t notice the boy at first.  A young twenty-something.  He’s squatting on the pavement behind his car with poster paper and markers strewn along the curb, the trunk flung open.  He looks up and hurries across the street with a card in hand.  It turns out to be a list of websites that show how animals are mistreated before they are slaughtered and the meat packed and sent to markets.  I don’t mention that I grew up in Kentucky.  We raised pigs and chickens.

The boy is headed downtown to a protest.  He’s making posters.  He’s vegan, and he tells me it’s all about being against meat-eaters.  He says this to me: “I would live entirely on onions if I thought it would save my mother’s life.” Odd example.  His eyes are wide, his hair the color of a bright red crayon.  He’s very thin and very anxious.  It’s almost as if he has shocked himself with his own words.  If I hadn’t been taken off guard by his sudden appearance, I might have asked about his mother.

He abruptly leaves as he came, crosses the street, and goes back to work on his posters.  I walk on, looking up at a perfectly blue sky and feeling the sun fall on my face.  I recall springtime in Kentucky – the baby pigs, my calf Bessie, the soft, warm feathers of a hen’s belly when I reached beneath her to gather the eggs. 


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