Posted by: ktzefr | March 21, 2019

World Poetry Day: A Celebration


“Walking by flashlight

at six in the morning,

my circle of light on the gravel 

swinging side to side,

coyote, raccoon, field mouse, sparrow,

each watching from darkness

this man with a moon on a leash.”

~ Ted Kooser (Nebraska, US), “November 18” (US Poet Laureate 2004-2006)



Not sky-blue, but…

Monarch butterfly; Photo:KFawcett

“Take a pen in your uncertain fingers

Trust, and be assured

That the whole world is a sky-blue butterfly

and words are the nets to capture it

~ Muhammad al-Ghuzzi (Tunisia), “The Pen”


“…I want every instant

to be lovely as crayons.

I’d like to draw–on chaste white paper–

a clumsy freedom, eyes that never wept,

a piece of sky, a feather, a leaf,

a pale green evening, and an apple.”

~ Gu Cheng (China), “A Headstrong Boy”



“…Peace to past memories that loom

Like a covey of pigeons crossing the sky.

Peace to returning ships

and their singers in moonlight.

Peace to the sails in the Gulf,

Roaming the seas, loving risk.

Peace be to women beating tambourines

And their triumphant vows that make dreams

Come true.”

~ Muhammad al-Fayiz (Kuwait), “A Sailor’s Memoirs”


“…They are like everybody,

the parakeets:

the ones that talk best

have separate cages.

~ Alberto Blanco (Mexico), “The Parakeets”


Bug love…


In the tangled boughs

Of the jasmine tree

And sometimes

On the green emerald floor

A nightingale sings

The poignant melodies

of love.”

~ Muneer Niazi (Pakistan), “A Dream of Paradise in the Shadow of War”


“When you arrive in our town

I would like to sit on the roof

and play the violin…”

~ Zoltan Zelk (Hungary), “Salt and Memory”


“The house was steaming itself in a dream of laundry.

I want to tell about the fire, the red floortiles, the

cupboard where lavender-water was kept, about candied

lilies and the soul of bread…”

~ Jean Joubert (France), “Childhood”



“…we could also go to the shore

Where the willows have already released

their soft, soft swings.

We could swing all the way from March to August…”

~ Chang Shiang-hua (Taiwan), “An Appointment”


They say reading

a poem a day

may keep the doctor



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