Posted by: ktzefr | August 23, 2017

10 Things to Think About

One characteristic that is uniquely human is the propensity to complain.  If we don’t have big things to complain about, we come up with a litany of little stuff.  We complain about heat and cold, rain and snow, and every measure of the weather in between.  Everything is more expensive these days and doesn’t last as long.  Nothing tastes like it used to taste.  There are too few hours in the day to get things done (even when we’ve spent the ones we have doing nothing substantial).  We want to be there instead of here; and when we’re there, we want to be here.  My mom used to say, “what would we do if we didn’t have something to complain about?”  I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

What if you were tail-less…

Bunz, the tailless squirrel; Photo:KFawcett

Or lived in the plastic leg of a plant stand…

Or was absolutely stunning…but only for a day.

Moonflower; Photo:KFawcett

Humans have dreams.  Daydreams.  Daily expectations.  Life doesn’t always live up to our wishes. This is not new thinking, but it got me to imagining the dreams of all things not human, entities or nonentities, if you will, that don’t complain.   How much could “their” dreams be like our own? 


1) The robin dreams only of a dry nest to raise its nestlings.

2) The apple tree dreams of its boughs hanging full of fruit with no pesky bugs to bite.

3) The moon dreams of fullness and clear nights so its beauty can be appreciated.

4) The rain dreams of filling rivers and lakes and flower pots, bringing nourishment.

5) The marigolds dream of sunshine on their faces.

6) The owl dreams of field mice and just-mowed grass and good vision.

7) The lavender dreams of life outside the pot, of a life lived large in great fields of color.

8) The mockingbird dreams of finding a new song to sing.

9) The wind dreams of more power, of new places, and changes to leave in its wake.

10)The hummingbird dreams of finding enough food to make it to Mexico every autumn so it can spend its time finding enough food to make it back here in the spring.  

Wouldn’t it be great if we could spend our time dreaming instead of complaining.  Today, for example, I’ve been dreaming of all the quiet places.  Silence.  Maybe air filled with sweet scents, a little birdsong, the tinkle of wind chimes. 

Meanwhile, a helicopter roars overhead.  I hate helicopters!  But I don’t want to complain. 



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