Posted by: ktzefr | February 25, 2017

Slipping Away Home: Appalachia

When I was growing up it was easy to find a space and the time to be alone — to disconnect from the world in a way that seems more difficult for kids these days.  I am glad to be alive in this century with all of the “toys” of modern technology, but I’m glad I was born in the past one. 

Barn in KY; painted by a family friend, Ed McGrath,sometime in the 80s

Barn in KY; painted by a family friend, Ed McGrath,sometime in the 80s


I still recall, sometimes, the old barn loft

on the farm in Kentucky, the ladder steps,

the scent of hay, and that feeling of being

far away.


Wasp nests hung in corners where

the roof arched, the old wood raw, never painted

and the floor boards with wide spaces,

where I could peek down and watch the cows

eating hay.


From the flung-open door, I could see

all the way down our lane to the road, across

the neighboring fields to the river,

the hills beyond.


It was a place to daydream, to slip away

on rainy days, to curl up in the hay, to be

someone else entirely, in some new place

not-yet seen. 


Until Mom called me home for supper.


Did you have a favorite place to slip away?



  1. Lovely poem! And I am thinking “on it”. 😊

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thank you, Mayla. Of course, you are surrounded by your farm and these lovely hills! Look forward to seeing spring pictures. 🙂

  2. I married an Appalachian and he was dedicated his life to the preservation of his beautiful homeland in many different ways. He has kept ornithological records since his childhood that are being uploaded to Cornell University and has led countless hikes in the hopes of making people more aware of the importance of conserving this gorgeous region of Virginia.

    • kkessler – thanks for commenting. I pass Radford enroute home every summer, and what a lovely area southern Virginia is as well. Always love stopping off in Abingdon to see the latest production at the Barter Theater! It makes that long stretch of I 81 bearable. 🙂

      • You are welcome! So glad you come our way! I have been to the Barter Theater many times! Great theater!

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