Posted by: ktzefr | December 28, 2016

15 Quirky New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Sunset, BVI; Photo:KFawcett

Sunset, BVI; Photo:KFawcett

1.   Appreciate the briefest moments – the fire of a late sunset, the scent of mown grass, white geese on a dark pond.  Be faithful to nature and make memories of small, good things.

2.  Trust that the heart is big enough to hold the sky – Cassiopeia, Ursa Minor, Orion’s Belt, the Southern Cross and beyond.

3.  Experience the joy of being a wanderer – here, there, or anywhere – like a bird blown free in the wind.

4.  Accept this:  many things happen that we cannot see, explain, or understand.  Nobody sees the stars that fall in the daytime.

5.  Cry when you feel like it; rubble gets washed away in the rain.

6.  Set your sights on the mountain top and start climbing.  Don’t give up.  Goats can climb sheer cliff sides so long as they get a toe hold.

7.  Life is a marvelous journey in a messy, confusing world.  Be transformed.  Re-invent yourself on occasion.  Be the guitar slung on the back of a traveler, watching the colors of the world go by, listening to your own music.

8.  You cannot run fast enough or climb high enough or swim far enough to leave all the storms behind.  Sometimes you have to stop and face the wind.    

9.  Write your own story – a moment at a time – and you will capture it; you can keep it forever.

10. When you’re feeling low, remember the air way up high, how it felt when the ferris wheel stopped on top, how the stars looked across the black night sky, and how easy it was to dismiss the tiny voice inside that worried about falling.

11. Take a GAP day or week or month now and then.  (GAP – Get Away from Politics)

12. It is what’s in the heart that matters.  The mind has limits, but the heart can and will be stretched and re-shaped and broken and stitched back together too many times to count.

13. Always keep a few good memories in your pocket wherever you go so that every now and then you can take them out to look at or listen to or feel again.

14. Remember that winter sometimes holds onto its bareness, like the soul laid bare, with all its ugly branches, leafless and cold.  But spring always follows, the way the sun comes up and the sun goes down, in its powerful silence.    

15. Get to know yourself.  Stop for thinking time.  Don’t be afraid to eat alone, shop alone, travel alone.  Sit in a plaza or park where everyone is a stranger.  There is a special thrill in anonymity. 







  1. I love these resolutions! I think these might make a great 2017 or 2018 calendar. Choose your best 12 and your photographs that are appropriate for each month’s resolution. If you make it, I’ll buy it. 👏😀

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    • Thanks, Mayla! I have fun at the end of the year going back through my journals and finding random notes that I need to remember to follow and seem to work well as resolutions. A calendar sounds like a great idea. 🙂

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