Posted by: ktzefr | December 13, 2016

7 Ways to Stay Warm

The obvious way to keep warm is to turn up the thermostat.  But extra warm air blowing from the vents won’t warm up the heart, the mind, the soul. 

My favorite ways to do that…

1.   A cup of tea.  Hands around a hot mug.  Steam rising from a cup of flower-scented darjeeling or a cinnamon-flavored chai.  It doesn’t matter what’s happening outside.

2.  Candles.  A crackling fire in the fireplace is great, but there’s nothing quite like the silent beauty of a candle flame.

Oaxaca lantern; Photo:KFawcett

Oaxaca lantern; Photo:KFawcett


“Surely everyone is aware of the divine pleasures which attend

a wintry fireside; candles at four o’clock, warm hearthrugs…

whilst the wind and rain are raging audibly without.”

~Thomas de Quincey


 3.  A wrap.  I have rebozos draped throughout the house, over chairs and trunks and railings.  I fell in love with these wonderful shawls in Mexico years ago — thin ones for cool summer nights, wool for winter.  Coats are okay for outside, but a wrap is perfect anywhere.

4.  Dance.  When Mozart was twenty-six he married Constance Weber, who was eighteen.  They had next to nothing and were poor managers of money; it came in slowly and left rapidly.  Sometimes they couldn’t even afford wood for a fire.  But one cold day a friend dropped by and found them dancing…

“What!” he [the friend] cried, “are you teaching Madam Constance to dance?”

“Oh no!” returned Mozart, “we are dancing to keep warm.”

So…you can be extra warm dancing with a partner, but a good salsa CD will work wonders if you’re alone. 

5.  A glass of wine.  “The wine was summer in a bottle.  It was all the warm afternoons and the cloudless skies, stoppered tight; to be opened, said the label, on a January day with snow falling fast.”  ~Ray Bradbury 

6.  Memories.  On cold days I find that memories of warm places bring their own sunshine. 

St. John, USVI; Photo:DFawcett

St. John, USVI; Photo:DFawcett

7.  Music

“Music brings a warm glow to my vision,

thawing mind and muscle from their endless wintering.” 

~Haruki Murakami    

In a nutshell:  On these cold, gray days grab a wrap and a cup of tea or a glass of wine, light a candle, play some music, and think warm thoughts of places far or near that bring a little sunshine. If this doesn’t work, start dancing!



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