Posted by: ktzefr | November 21, 2016

Ordinary Magic: 10 Short, Short Stories

Coffee tree blooming; Photo:KFawcett

Coffee tree blooming; Photo:KFawcett

— My coffee tree is blooming!  It sits in a bedroom window with the bright morning sun that imitates (sorta) the sun of the tropics, where coffee trees (and some of us humans) feel more at home.  Supposedly, it will flower and produce beans that I can “harvest” and brew coffee.  Maybe one very small espresso cup.  Maybe, if I’m lucky.  Sometimes you have to work diligently for a long time to reap a tiny reward. 

— All summer, most days, the wind chimes remained silent.  A tinkle now and then.  But the stiff gusts of the last two days have sent them flying wildly in the wind — as if they finally have something to say!

— Saturday, breakfast, it seemed every finch in the yard wanted to take a bath at the same time.  My “invention” — a wire plant hanger with a plastic tray for water — rocked back and forth in the branches of the snowball bush/tree as the birds took turns, sending water splashing over the edge.  They must have known cold weather was on the way.  Today: ice in the birdbath.

— The sweet gum leaves have finally turned yellow and red and purple.  Falling like big stars on the driveway.  What beauty!  In a month’s time the tree will be bare.  I’m trying to embrace the idea that bare can be beautiful.  Not having much luck.

— The scent of bacon frying.  Brownies in the oven.  Minestrone soup simmering on the stove.  That’s a lot of magic!


—  A room full of books.  A stack of ” to read” tomes on a table.  Books in mind, books on lists.  Books full of answers that I don’t know to questions I’ve never asked.  For example: Every second the Earth is visited by 10,000 trillion trillion tiny neutrinos (mostly shot out by the nuclear broiling of the sun) and virtually all of them pass right through the planet and everything on it, including you and me, as if it/we weren’t there.

— Words.  “Happiness is absorption, being entirely yourself and entirely in one place.” ~Pico Iyer

— Memories are like…photos.  Tangible things.  You can see and hear and feel and almost, almost touch.  Pieces of songs remembered.  A word here, a phrase there.  A whisper.  The sound of silence.  The moon through the trees.  A candle flame in a window.  And this…the mouse we saved in 1972 when we lived in an old house with a crooked fireplace and an ancient out-of-tune piano.  The mouse transported in a cardboard box to freedom.  Like magic.

— The Mexican purse.  I bought it more than 3 decades ago.  It’s red suede with fringes that reach all the way to my ankles.  A hippie purse.  A purse I just had to have but never carried.  I couldn’t answer “why” to either.  Maybe I’ll hang it on the wall and fill it full of flowers.

— There is no magic like the imagination.  If I were a fruit…I’d be a mango — a little sweet, a little tart, smooth to the touch, and with a very big heart. 


How about you?

What constitutes the ordinary magic of your day?




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