Posted by: ktzefr | May 23, 2016

Dancing at the Moose Lodge


I wore the purple mini dress

With bell-shaped sleeves lined

in silver.  I imagine wearing it now —

too tight, too short, too purple

for a woman my age.


We danced until midnight,

And when we left the Moose Lodge,

A caravan of college kids in cars,

The cops were waiting.

Most went to jail.

All underage, drinking in a dry county,

Dancing to hippie music.


Appalachia in the 60s,

With Janice singing in my head,

“Freedom’s just another word

For nothing left to lose.”


I don’t recall ever wearing

The purple dress again,

So why is it still hanging

In my closet?


What do you keep in the closet or trunk or attic?  Old enough to have anything from the 60s?  Do you know the WHY?

Happy musings on yet another rainy Monday.  Don’t let it get you down!




  1. OMG! Such a great blog! You remember everything & explain it so beautifully! Apparently, you save a lot, too! 🙂 Rose

    • Thank you, Rose! Yes, I’m a bit of a packrat but not so bad that it could be called hoarding. 🙂

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