Posted by: ktzefr | January 6, 2016

13 Coffee House Haiku

Haiku is hard.  I’m an amateur.  But I like the challenge of cramming an hour at the coffee shop into a mug full of words.  Here are the latest…written back when Christmas week was summery and now it’s a chilly 19 degrees!



Multi-tasker blues:

She’s texting, sipping, humming…

“Waiting on the World to Change”



Glasses propped on nose

He stares out the window

Book face down, unread



Two shots espresso

A chocolate chip scone

Five dollars…gone


Senior Citizen

Alone at the corner table

Eyes for the lady in red

He smiles to himself


Christmas Candy

One chunky Santa

Five sweet, dancing elves

“Chocolates For Sale”


Unseasonable weather

Sixty-five degrees

Two mocha lattes, two blonde teens

Hot in shorts and tees


Feliz Navidad

Silver-haired ladies

Practice Spanish, wishful verbs

Bailar, cantar, amor


Fact or Fiction?

Boomer with laptop

Eyes focused on the screen

Who will read what he writes?


Old Friends Meet for Coffee

Three women talking,

Remembering the year it snowed

“We had the best time!”


Winter Break Laughs

Man in plaid shirt —

“Nothing works in Washington.”

Tablemate: “I do.”


Family Holiday Outing?

Mom reading The Martian

Boy reading a Potter book

Dad on the cellphone



Relics of the past:

Woman with 60s hair

Reading a letter


Is it winter?

Spitting rain, then sun

Coffee – hot, cold, cream or no?












  1. Good! Although, You could change remembering to remember if you like. I could picture all your characters so clearly through your imagery!

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks! I spend too much time at coffee shops. 🙂

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