Posted by: ktzefr | July 21, 2015

Rumi-nating On My Morning Walk…5 Things I Could Have Missed

“I have felt nothing ever

like the wild wonder of that moment.”  ~Rumi

wild flower

I pass this flower every day.  It’s a volunteer and a survivor, growing in the pavement cracks.


“…look up: see both worlds…the ocean shaping and carrying

you along.  You’ve heard descriptions of that sea.  Now

float, trust, enjoy the motion.” ~Rumi

Bunny; photo:KFawcett

Wild Bunny; photo:KFawcett

Our neighborhood has been especially full of bunnies this spring.  I haven’t seen a fox in a long time — could be the reason.  The bunnies are trusting of us humans; if they’re enjoying breakfast, they don’t bother to run away.


“I look for the light I used to

see.  The key is hidden here

somewhere.” ~Rumi

Rose of Sharon; Photo:KFawcett

Rose of Sharon; Photo:KFawcett

My own Rose of Sharon bush has deep pink flowers.  This one I often see on my walks is multicolored.  The same bush has both white and pale pink blooms.  In the back of my yard we have a few stray lavender twigs and a bush or two that I brought from a previous house more than 20 years ago.  They spread like weeds.  I’ve given twigs away that have also spread like weeds in the yards of others.  Years of stories are hidden in the Rose of Sharon.  This one, by the roadside, must overhear some juicy tales from all those walkers and joggers and kids going to school. 


“Friend, there’s a sweetness to the moon’s

one pearl, but consider the ocean it

grew in, and the soul’s great turning

wheel.  Grafitti people on bathhouse walls

have intelligent origins, but think who

drew the mind!” ~Rumi

Swallowtail Butterfly; Photo:KFawcett

Swallowtail Butterfly; Photo:KFawcett

…or the butterfly or the bunny or the flowers.


“Spirit is so mixed with the visible world that giver,

gift, and beneficiary are

one thing.  You are the grace raining down, the grace

is you.  Creation is

a clear, flat, fast-moving creek, where qualities reflect.

Generations rush by, while

the stars stay still without a splash.” ~Rumi



I have been walking by this tree for more than 20 years and just noticed a few days ago that it’s two conjoined trunks.  How does one pass something like this and not see it?  I have also walked this way many times with friends and don’t recall anyone ever noticing or mentioning the weird tree. 

I’ve decided to slow down, start really looking at stuff, and Rumi-nating on my morning walks to see if I can feel a bit more “wild wonder” in the moments.



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