Posted by: ktzefr | June 5, 2015

It’s Friday and the rain has stopped…

Good things…

It’s Friday.  We’ve had four days of clouds and rain.  Still, every morning I’ve walked two miles before breakfast, and everything is green, green, green! 

A new baby bunny was eating in the yard this morning.  The mowers haven’t been able to do the wet grass all week, so he was up to his ears in clover.  Took a quick phone foto before he ran away.


The potted plants are beyond saturated, but they seem to be loving it.  I have several orchids that my husband has bought over the years.  Initially, the blooms are beautiful, but I can never get them to bloom again.  Most of the plants wither and die.  Shop people say to avoid watering them.  The attached directions always say that they need very little water; sometimes just an ice cube or two every few weeks.  But I’ve seen wild orchids growing in the rainforest where they get a good drenching every day.  So…this is what I’ve discovered over the last two summers:  if I put the orchids outside on the back porch and allow them to be soaked naturally by the rain, they thrive.  Already, the ones that looked puny and withering in the spring are spry again and sport new leaves. 


When I was eating breakfast I spotted a male goldfinch headed to the thistle feeders.  Then a female…and another!  Two males and two females visited a couple of days ago and I wonder if these may be the same ones.  I’m hoping they make our yard a regular stop.

goldfinch at the thistle feeder; phonephoto:KFawcett

goldfinch at the thistle feeder; phonephoto:KFawcett

Annoying things…

Lately, I’ve been getting scam calls on my cell phone almost every day.  There’s no one at the other end.  The scammers are hoping to make me think someone important is calling and dial back…so I can be charged up the wazoo or they can steal my contact list and annoy my friends.  I listen to the phone ring, watch the screen light up, but don’t answer.  The call this morning came from Florida.  I know people in Florida — and my cell knows them, too.  It’s easy to turn off the sound and let the “unknown” callers ring to their hearts’ content.   

Shoes.  A new pair is arriving in the mail today.  I don’t want to stop by the shop again and endure another hour of shoe talk.  I am not obsessed with shoes.  I don’t care about the latest styles or who is wearing what these days.  I buy shoes because they’re necessary.  I can’t go to the mall in bare feet.  I usually like to browse for a bit (without being bothered or followed) and, when I find something I like, I ask for that particular shoe in my size.  It’s simple.  I don’t want to see the shoe in a variety of other sizes or similar shoes in my size or totally different shoes that are either the store clerk’s “favorite style” or “everyone” is wearing these days.  I get annoyed when the clerk spends forever in the storeroom and then comes out with his/her arms loaded with boxes — especially when the shoes I want, in the color I’ve asked for and the proper size, are not amongst the load.  So, yesterday I told the clerk exactly what I wanted and made it known up front that I would not consider any other shoe, color, or size.  I got a rather pinched look in reply, but it dramatically shortened my shoe talk time in the shop and the shoes were ordered and are supposed to arrive any minute.  With my luck, however, I’ll open the box and find — well, who knows…

It’s Noon.  Time for lunch.  All in all, it looks like the good things outweigh the annoying ones this morning. 

Happy weekend!







  1. I had an orchid that stopped blooming two years ago. Being stubborn, I kept watering it, three or four tablespoons once a week. In mid-February, very small buds began to appear. In early May it bloomed, and it’s still going strong. Moral: Never throw any green thing away.

    • That’s great! I’ve been able to keep them green all summer outside, but they do poorly in winter. I’ll try this next fall and hope for blooms.

  2. Good article!

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    • Thanks, Mayla!

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