Posted by: ktzefr | August 27, 2014

Things fall apart…


when you start fixing stuff!

The house trim needed painting.  Just the trim.  Three-day job max.  The painters would be in and out.  Snap fingers and, like magic, everything would look spiffy. 

Well, not so fast…

There was rotting wood around several windows.  A woodpecker had drilled a big hole in the front porch with a series of smaller holes trailing below it.  Beneath the holly bushes, at the base of one of the columns, a chipmunk had built and nicely furnished a spacious condo.  And then, of course, there was the matter of stopping up entrances and exits that the bees had so diligently excavated.

Finally, the power washing to clean everything before getting painted caused the front door to swell so badly it could not be opened.  Once pried open, it couldn’t be closed.  So there was a lot of wood shaving and hammering and resetting locks and then a bunch of bodies pushing against it.  There may have even been a kick or two when I wasn’t in the room.  Sounded like it.  But…success!  Of a sort.  Now we’re afraid to open the front door.  A new one has been added to the “to do” list, which gains momentum every day.

And this is only the front of the house; the painters haven’t even made it to the back!  The three-day job has now lasted more than a week.  But they’ll be here bright and early tomorrow morning eager to see what new discoveries await.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying really hard to escape it all — working on the back porch amongst the flowers, watching the hummingbirds come and go.  The downside?  They’ll be heading to the back yard tomorrow, invading my space.  Wish I could come and go in a blink like the hummers.



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