Posted by: ktzefr | July 31, 2014

Words and Numbers…

Butterfly; DFawcett

Butterfly; DFawcett

Recurring dreams…

with numbers.

I’m walking the halls of my high school.

I stop at my locker to get my books, but I can’t recall the combination to the lock.

Or I need to make a phone call, but I can’t remember the number.

Of course, in these dreams, I’m always back in the time before cellphones,

in a time when you had to memorize numbers,

when there were no “contact lists” that could be transferred from one phone to the next.

I have never tried to interpret these dreams.

What does it matter?

I forget birthdates

and anniversaries

and the ages of family and friends. 

Perhaps it’s okay to forget ages.

I used to complain about having to memorize numbers in school — important dates

in history, for example.  What did it matter?

Does one really need to know when Jamestown was settled?

Or when the Declaration of Independence was signed?

Or that the Civil War started almost 100 years after the American Revolution?

I think it matters.

Perhaps one doesn’t really need to know the exact date the first movie was played

or construction was begun on the Panama Canal,

or when the Titanic sank.

But it’s kinda good to know that these things happened in the beginning of the 20th century.

I think it matters.

One good thing about getting older/more mature is this: you discover why things like numbers matter.

Some numbers; not all.

For all the numbers I have forgotten, I do remember a whole bunch of useless ones.

Our family’s first telephone number was 619X and my best friend’s number was 604X.

Easy to remember because we had to give the number to the operator each time we made a call.

Speaking, hearing your own voice, enhances learning.  You see it, say it, hear it.

Memorizing a speech?  Learning a foreign language?

Read it aloud. Talk to yourself.

Words are good.

I was never a numbers person.

I like the way words can dance and sing and reveal new worlds. 

Sometimes I recite the grocery list when I’m driving. 

Bread, eggs, apples, dessert.

I create words — real words and fake ones.


That’s all I have to remember.  “Bead” is my grocery list.

For long lists, a handful of words can sometimes make an interesting sentence.

Numbers can’t do that!




  1. Are you my lost twin separated at birth? We have the same repeat dreams, though I do have a few more. Numbers, pretty much the same. I no longer remember people’s phone numbers and the faxes.

    History became important to me when I became a journalist and I finally realized its relevance to all that goes on in our world. I still don’t remember exact dates in history, July 4th excluded, though I believe July 2 is of more significance.

    Childhood addresses and phone numbers, yes. Grocery lists? I will have to learn your technique! Thank you. I love your posts.

    • Thanks, Ellen!

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