Posted by: ktzefr | May 16, 2014

Singing the same songs…

     As I write I’m being serenaded by a mocking bird.  He’s sitting on a low branch in the dogwood tree, as happy as I am that the rain has stopped and the skies have turned a pretty washed-clean blue.  A few hours can make a big difference.  Tiny, insignificant, ordinary things can make a big difference.  Like this mocking bird singing.

     I spent the morning cleaning and organizing and throwing away stuff.  Finally carried the ladder to the upstairs closet so I could put away the last remnants of Christmas.  No.  That wasn’t a typo.  And I know it’s May.  To be clear, everything was in a closet, but it needed to be put on a high shelf so one could actually get into the closet to put away all things winter and bring out all things summer.  That’s done. 

     So…then I’m off to lunch at my favorite coffee shop.  I order a latte and a quick, healthy sandwich because I have a number of errands to run.  The coffee is great.  The sandwich never comes.  I leave.  Head for the deli around the corner and order a not-so-healthy, sloppy, beef barbeque with slaw.  Grab a Coke (why not add more caffeine and calories to the brew) and, before I can get to a table, my order is ready.  It’s superb.

     Off on my errands…at the cleaners my bill is six dollars.  No plastic for charges under ten dollars.  I never carry real money.  I have three dollars.  And I have to have these pants today!   At least the owner knows me and says she’ll take the three dollars now and I can pay the rest next time.  When I go in the card store next door for a card that I also need today, I no longer have the three dollars for the card and figure I may have to find a bunch of stuff to buy so the charge is over ten dollars.  But I’m in luck.  They’ll take plastic for $3.98. 

     When I was growing up I didn’t have much money and I didn’t have plastic at all.  Dry cleaning was a luxury reserved for the coats and winter wools.  And there were few occasions when I had to absolutely, positively be a particular place at a particular time.  We did, however, have mocking birds in those days.  They still sing the same songs.

     Here’s to a winsome weekend!  






  1. I can relate!

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