Posted by: ktzefr | December 30, 2013

13 Things I Learned in 2013

1) If I don’t move, if I stay still and quiet, the woodpecker will dance in front of me.  It’s fear that keeps creatures apart — fear of the unknown, fear of danger.  But, if there is no apparent threat…he bobs his head, pecks at ants on the maple’s bare branches, and acts as if I’m not even there.

2) Memory — our most amazing gift.  One minute I can be standing in the kitchen of my childhood home with a glass of strawberry Kool-Aid and a day-old biscuit; the next I’m sitting by a turquoise sea with a warm scone and a cup of tea.

3) To experience the unknown, something new, is to grasp for a moment the strange, rare feeling of being whole.

4) Things lurk in the corners of the mind and sometimes they come out to spar.  Fear is one; a thirst for adventure is another.  I see to it that fear almost always loses — and that’s a good thing.

5) Green ruffle of daisy leaves in the sun…morning glories in bloom…birdsong…blue seas and white snow and red sunsets.  Kind eyes and understanding hearts.  That’s what I love most — the things that can’t be bought or sold.

6) A shattered lantern still holds its beauty in the fragments.

7) A moment can be snatched and held like a mirror.  If you are lucky, you can see backward and forward at the same time.

8) It’s important to sing in the shower and dance in the rain and paint your own pictures on the walls of time.

9) Hummingbirds know something we humans often forget — if you don’t watch the sugar water, someone else will take it.

10) Hope smells like honeysuckle just bloomed on the vine. 

11) Life is sometimes like being in a canoe, suspended on the crest of a wave, and dreaming of  a smooth ocean beyond.  

12) Hidden somewhere in the years between now and then there is a multitude of rose-colored skies, promises, and lost things.

13) “Why” is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Rumi said, “the eye goes blind when it only wants to see why.”

What did you learn this year?


  1. I don’t think I learned anything. Ha. Seriously, I learned to take control of my life.

  2. Poetic and beautiful writing!

    • Thanks, Mayla!!!

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