Posted by: ktzefr | August 30, 2013

Pics from my morning walk…

Some very strange mushrooms…

Weird mushrooms; Photo:KFawcett

Weird mushrooms; Photo:KFawcett


A perfect rose…

Pink rose; Photo:KFawcett

Pink rose; Photo:KFawcett

A blanket of yellow blooms…



One of the many neighborhood bunnies…


The grackles are migrating.  Yesterday, when I was sitting on the porch reading, a huge flock of the birds flew over.  A few of them swooped down to eat at my feeder and soon the whole flock — a hundred or more — had turned back and were filling the trees in my front yard and the neighbors’ yards.  They fussed and flapped for a few minutes and then off they went like a black wave across the sky.  I watched a young squirrel come to the bird bath and reach into it with his front paws and pick up birdseed that had fallen into the water from the nearby feeder.  He sat and ate for a long time, picking seeds one-by-one out of the water.  The resident chipmunk came by for awhile, too, scavenging on the ground for seeds that had fallen out of the feeder.  Today, I saw an altercation between two hummingbirds.  I have two feeders with four feeding stations each, which could technically accommodate eight hummers, but they are very territorial and don’t want to share a drop.  They’ll be leaving soon, too.  Summer is just way too short!


A reader identified the strange mushrooms as STINKHORNS.  Check out his lovely photo blog HERE.



  1. The strange mushrooms appear to be stinkhorns (Mutinus). They are strange.

    • Thanks for identifying!

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