Posted by: ktzefr | July 16, 2013

Of Honeybees and Butterflies

“Remembered landscapes are left in me

the way a bee leaves its sting…”

~Charles Wright, Appalachia

I don’t see nearly as many honeybees these days as I used to see when I was growing up in Kentucky.  Our yard was full of clover back then and the bees loved the tiny white flowers.  I always went barefoot in the summers and spent many hours nursing swollen feet from bee stings.  We have some patches of clover in our yard now and the bunnies enjoy it.  We never use weedkiller except on the occasional poison ivy.  I don’t mind the wild things.     

“…what matters in life are those things contained in moments as fleeting as lightning.”

~ Elena Santiago

Here are a couple such moments:

Honeybee; Photo:KFawcett

Honeybee; Photo:KFawcett

Swallowtail butterfly; Photo:KFawcett

Swallowtail butterfly; Photo:KFawcett




  1. Gorgeous! So frightening the decline of honeybees and their rapid disappearance each year.

    • Lots of lightning bugs this year, however. Not sure why. But the cicadas we were supposed to get last month never showed up. I must say, I didn’t miss them.

  2. My yard and the fields are full where I live, the last couple years they were definitely way down but in my neck of the woods they are widespread !!

    • Glad you’re seeing a lot of bees, Bernie. The one thing I have not seen this year are the shiny green beetles we used to call Junebugs. Hope those aren’t dwindling, too.

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