Posted by: ktzefr | March 18, 2013

The Donkeys of St. John

Donkeys were used during the plantation era in the Virgin Islands for transportation and to operate the sugar mills.  No longer needed by man, they remain on St. John and travel in small social groups.  If you stay anywhere on the island, especially in the national park — whether at the Caneel Bay resort or in a tent or cabin at Cinnamon Bay — you will have to coexist with the “wild” donkeys. 


Wild donkeys, St. John, USVI; Photo:KFawcett

St. John is a critter paradise with plenty of mongoose and iguanas.  Goats roam free, too, and you’re just as apt to spot a pig or chicken standing by the side of the road as you would a dog or cat.  One day between shopping stops in Cruz Bay I took a break to watch two iguanas fight over an apple and a hen show her chicks how to catch bugs.  It’s that sort of place.  Not for everyone, but just right for me.  

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  1. Love Donkeys!!!!

  2. Thanks to the article, now I have more reasons to comment! You make a difference and so I follow them.

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