Posted by: ktzefr | January 4, 2013

Moon Pies and Memories…

Today I ate a Moon Pie with my afternoon tea.  I’ve been eating chocolate-dipped Moon Pies for decades.  They’re still good, but not the same.  The outer cookie part used to be denser, I think; it had more bite to it.

Moon Pie; Photo:KFawcett

Moon Pie; Photo:KFawcett

I read on the package that this round, graham-marshmallow sandwich was baked by the Chattanooga Bakery in Chattanooga, Tennessee; it’s been around since 1917.  To make up for the lightness/lack of density/whatever it is that seems to be “missing,” today’s pie has grown into a double-decker.  This proves, at least to me, that bigger isn’t always better.  I don’t think super sizing ought to be outlawed, but I do wish we hadn’t started making everything bigger.  The old Moon Pies were perfect.

I noticed two things on the wrapper that would have given me pause back in the sixties.  First, the nutrition facts — 300 calories, mostly fat and carbs.  I can’t help thinking that the “nutrition facts” wouldn’t be nearly as important to know if we hadn’t started turning small treats into whoppers in the first place.  Perhaps if the calories in our food were cut in half we would not need to be so obsessed about counting them.  The other item I noted was something that would surely have had me scratching my head when I was a child.  “Microwave,” it says, “for an out-of-this-world dessert.”  Though the microwave had been invented in those days, I certainly didn’t know anyone who had one and the mere concept of such an oven would have been out of this world.

And so it goes…

What is your favorite treat from childhood?  Is it still around?  Is it better, bigger, smaller, different?



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