Posted by: ktzefr | September 21, 2012

Favorite Foto Friday & Five Fascinating Facts about Fish

My husband and son like to both snorkel and scuba dive.  I stick to snorkeling in shallow water.  I like to be able to stand up at any time and have my head above water.  In the Virgin Islands it’s clear and calm with lots of fish close to shore so it’s a great place to see the critters without venturing into the depths.

Hawksnest Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands; Photo:KFawcett

Every now and then a small barracuda may swim near the beach, but we’ve never run into sharks.  I have no interest in swimming with sharks, but I do think they’re interesting creatures.  Here are five fascinating facts about the white shark:

1)  It has teeth as hard as steel.

2)  It can survive brain damage better than any animal in the world.

3)  It never gets sick.  The white shark has mysterious antibodies that give it immunity to practically every known bacterial invader.  It is also one of the few animals known to be completely immune to cancer.

4)  A white shark can hear sounds a mile away.

5)  It is always hungry; no matter how much it eats, its appetite is never satisfied — it lives in a state of continual hunger.

I’m not sure that I had ever thought about white sharks until several years back when the first “Jaws” movie came out and caused a great deal of buzz about the big fish.  I recall being at Daytona Beach shortly after that movie and seeing a dolphin cavorting close to shore and swimmers getting panicky and heading for the beach.  That fin breaking water looked ominous.  Check HERE to see how you can tell if the tail belongs to a dolphin (curved dorsal fin) or shark (straight dorsal fin).    I suspect if the movie had been about squirrels or bunnies or bees a bunch of folks would have been afraid of those critters.  Speaking of bees…

A hundred more people die from bee stings each year than from shark bites.

So, when the “facts only” are considered, there’s more to worry about from bees than sharks.


Have a great weekend — the bees can be annoying this time of year. 🙂

***The fish facts above are from 2201 Fascinating Facts by David Louis



  1. Gee, thanks for the clarification regarding bees and sharks! ha!

    • K, I thought you may need to have this info handy. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo. I want to be there! if sharks are immune to almost everything, and spend all their time eating, moving, eating, I wonder if the key to good health
    is the same for us? Nibble as you go, go, go?

    • Sounds good to me, Mayla. I can nibble on chocolate & grab a coffee on the go without slowing down. The pic was taken in the Virgin Islands National Park. My favorite of all the places I’ve been — for the sheer natural beauty.

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