Posted by: ktzefr | August 7, 2012

Bridge to Somewhere…

A big surprise for us on a recent visit to the Delaware shore was this amazing new bridge that literally lights up the night!


Indian River Inlet Bridge, Delaware; Photo: Dylan Fawcett

Several bridges have been constructed over the Indian River Inlet between Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach.   I always enjoy driving along this stretch of Route 1  within the Delaware Seashore State Park.  The sudden view of an almost deserted beach, when heading north across the inlet, has always been stunning.  Now they have a stunner of a bridge, too.
The Charles W. Cullen Bridge (official name) was built by Skanska, a multinational construction and development company based in Sweden.  It’s one of the first cable-stay bridges to use LED lighting technology, designed to last 100 years, and built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.  All four lanes opened  this past spring, along with a pedestrian and bicycle walkway.

If you’re in the vicinity, be sure to take a drive across the inlet.  It was especially pretty at night last week with clear skies and a full moon.



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