Posted by: ktzefr | July 6, 2012

Peaches ‘N Cream…and a touch of the spirits

Blue damselfly on a reed; Photo:DFawcett

It’s a peachy time of year! 

We spent last weekend in the 100-degree weather without power.  I wasn’t feeling too peachy then.  But the experience certainly deepens one’s appreciation for all the old guys and gals who invented the modern-day “necessities” that we can’t live (i.e. be happy) without. 

Today I have air conditioning, a constant breeze from the ceiling fan, and the background hum of a refrigerator that went from totally empty two days ago to sparingly filled.  I’m afraid to pack the freezer with stuff that may have to be tossed out with the next storm.  So…I’ve got some amazing peaches and I’m going to make my favorite dessert with no name.  It’s chock full of calories, but they’ll replace the ones I sweated out last weekend.  Recipe follows…

Peaches; Photo:KFawcett


Dessert with No Name (or Peaches ‘N Cream ‘N Grand Marnier ‘N Pound Cake)

A bunch of peaches (approx. one peach per serving)

Vanilla ice cream (approx. one scoop per serving)  (the better quality the ice cream, the better the results)

One pound cake (bake it or buy it; I like Entenmann’s All Butter, but it’s whopping with calories)

A little or a lot of Grand Marnier (or not, if you don’t want the alcohol — but it’s major tasty here)

Butter (Margarine?  No.  Not really.)

Brown sugar


Slice the pound cake into thick slices and then into quarters, about one and one-half inch squares.  Place the pieces in a plastic or other container that is large enough so they do not have to be stacked more than double.  Sprinkle or use a pastry brush to coat the pound cake pieces with Grand Marnier (not too much as they’ll get soggy).  Cover and set aside.

Cut peaches into bite-sized chunks or slices, whichever you prefer.  Melt a chunk of butter in a sauce pan, add the peaches, add brown sugar.  Be generous with the butter and brown sugar.  Stir.  Heat until the peaches soften a bit, but not too much, and the sugar/butter mix makes a nice sauce.  Remove from heat and add another touch or two (couple tablespoons to 1/8 cup) of Grand Marnier, if you choose to do so.

Assemble in individual bowls — four or five pieces of pound cake, a scoop of ice cream, and a big dollop of the warm peaches and sauce.  Add extra freshly-cut peaches, if you like.  Serve immediately as it melts really fast — both in the bowl and in the mouth.


Here’s wishing you all a cool and happy weekend.



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