Posted by: ktzefr | June 22, 2012


I miss the mangoes.  Last year in June we had just-plucked mangoes for breakfast from the back yard of our friends, Pam and Matt, in the US Virgin Islands.  It was an especially good year as the previous December had been unusually cool and they’d had a record dry season.  A piece in the local paper, The Virgin Islands Daily News, by Rochelle Koff stated that the mangoes “look like jewels hanging from the trees.”  Yes, they did…

Mangoes, At Home in the Tropics Inn, St. Thomas; Photo:KFawcett


There’s nothing better than just-picked fruits from a back-yard island garden — mango and papaya, genip and passionfruit.   Although I do buy the mangoes with the pretty red blush in the markets here, the champagne mangoes from Mexico seem to ripen better in transit to our area. They are smaller, yellow, and less fibrous than traditional mangoes.  When ripe they smell amazing.

Champagne Mangoes; Photo:KFawcett


Just peel and eat at room temperature.  This is a perfect way to serve mangoes, but I also like to include them in a variety of dishes from cold salads to hot sauces for pork and poultry.  A great dessert that’s almost sinfully easy to make is based on a favorite Middle Eastern recipe that uses dates and bananas.  The dish is terrific with dates, especially in the fall and winter, but I like it best with mangoes in the summer.


Mango and Banana Dessert

4-5 bananas

3-4 mangoes

1 1/2 – 2 cups heavy cream

1 cup sliced almonds


Arrange alternate layers of thinly sliced bananas and sliced mangoes in a serving bowl.  Pour cream over the fruits and chill for several hours or overnight.  The cream soaks into the fruit and the fruit softens, the cream thickens, and the texture is perfect.  Before serving, saute the sliced almonds in butter until golden brown and spread across the top of the fruit.   So easy and yet…super yummy!






  1. Mangoes are the best fruit ever!

  2. I love mangoes!

    • I love fruit in general (watermelon, strawberries, peaches!), but mango is definitely a favorite. When it’s dead ripe, there’s nothing better.:)

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