Posted by: ktzefr | June 20, 2012

“A rose by any other name…

“would smell as sweet.” ~ Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Roses; Photo:KFawcett

“The rose is a rose,

And was always a rose.

But the theory now goes

That the apple’s a rose.”

~ Robert Frost

Roses; Photo:KFawcett


“I’d rather have roses on my table

than diamonds ’round my neck.

~ Emma Goldman

Roses; Photo:KFawcett


“The world is a rose.  Smell it and pass it to your friends.”

~ old Persian proverb

Roses; Photo:KFawcett

They’re in bloom!  If there’s a garden near you, don’t miss the sights and the scents.





  1. Stunning captures. Thanks for sharing these blooms. It’s national Rose Month! You’re right on time!

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