Posted by: ktzefr | May 27, 2012

Memorial Day– part tradition, part fun

I was looking through photographs and found this one from a few years back.  The San Juan Cemetery in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico sits on the rocky cliffs above the Atlantic and is considered one of the most picturesque of the world’s burial grounds.

The San Juan Cemetery, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico; Photo:MFawcett


When I was growing up in Kentucky we prepared weeks ahead for Memorial Day.  It was called Decoration Day and we made crepe paper flowers by hand to decorate the graves of relatives.  Tulips, roses, carnations, and sweet peas in all colors were arranged in baskets and vases and sprays with branches of real evergreen from our trees.  I remember helping with the flower making and visiting the cemeteries with my family, but I didn’t know that Memorial Day was about remembering those who had died serving our country.   All the dead were memorialized.   And the relatives came home from far-flung places to eat together, play games, and fish.   There was time to honor traditions and time to have fun. 

In DC it’s also all about honoring traditions and having fun.  There’s a lot going on this weekend — the National Memorial Day concert on the West Lawn of the Capitol on Sunday features actors, artists, and the National Symphony Orchestra; there’s a Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally also on Sunday; and the National Memorial Day Parade is on Monday.  Check HERE for information about holiday activities.

Memorial Day weekend here is also the official beginning of summer with the opening of  local pools and some folks taking their first weekend getaway to the beach.  I recall making that drive to the shore many times in years past —  waiting in the long lines to get across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, inching our way down to the Eastern Shore, and rolling down windows to capture the scent of the barbecue chicken cooking on roadside grills in every little town along the way. 

Have a safe weekend!







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