Posted by: ktzefr | May 22, 2012

Eastern Market Browsing On a Sunny Saturday

“At home, the jazz station plays all day,

so sometimes it becomes indistinct,

like the sound of rain,

birds in the background, the surf of traffic.”

~Billy Collins, “Tipping Point”

I often listen to hours of the same music repeating itself while I work.  Lately it’s been Mizuyo Komiya’s “Color,” which says on the insert: “You can feel nature alive in the sound of the koto” (a Japanese instrument).   The last two days I’ve opened the windows in my study and listened to a mix of bird song and rain.  The birds sing between showers.  It’s pretty.

Last weekend, however, was gorgeous sunny weather and we spent Saturday browsing Eastern Market in DC.  If you live here, or if you’re just visiting, and you tire of the three Ms — museums, monuments, and malls — consider spending a Saturday or Sunday enjoying a different view of Capitol Hill. 

Lots of flowers…

Sunflowers; Photo:KFawcett


Good stuff to eat at the farmer’s market…

Strawberries; Photo:KFawcett

Tomatoes to sample…

Tomatoes; Photo:KFawcett

Clear instructions…


Cats and dogs the colors of the rainbow…

d.Kessler’s art, Eastern Market, Washington DC; Photo:KFawcett


(check out Daniel Kessler’s Art)

There are fun places to eat and watch the world go by…

Eastern Market, DC; Photo:KFawcett

Or stop and shop…

Eastern Market, DC; Photo:KFawcett

(more about the Silk Road)


Eastern Market, DC; Photo:KFawcett

(Monkey’s Uncle on the Hill recycles children’s clothing)

Eastern Market, DC; Photo:KFawcett

(The Fairy Godmotherselling books and toys since 1984.)


And now back to the rain and the music.

“Go wherever you are drawn to go…and dance on your way.”  ~ Rumi


To Come and Go Like Magic

Barnes and Noble





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