Posted by: ktzefr | May 2, 2012

6 Reasons to Celebrate the First of May

1)  It was a glorious sunny day, so I kicked off my shoes.  When I was growing up in Kentucky we were allowed to start going barefoot on the first day of May.  In those days I didn’t put shoes back on again, except to go to school or town or church, until the new school year began.

2)  Today I saw my first hummingbird of the season!  I have nothing but admiration for those tiny guys that fly thousands of miles to get here every summer.

3) Robins have built a nest in a cozy corner beneath the deck (it’s on the second floor, so it’s tree height).   Our back yard is shady with several tall trees and very little grass.  The mulch, wood chips, and ground cover make a great habitat for bird munchies (plump worms and a variety of “bugs”).  It’s interesting to watch the birds “hunt” for their dinner.

I used to think robins could hear worms moving in the ground, but I understand that’s not true.  When a robin is strolling  across the yard with his head cocked to the side, he is not trying to hear worm movement.  He’s actually trying to position his head to see better.  Our resident robins don’t wait around for the worms to come out for a walk; they dig through and separate the wood chips until they find something wiggling. 

Two interesting facts about robins — they can eat up to 14 feet of earthworms in a day and when they eat only honeysuckle berries, they sometimes get drunk! (Check out more fun facts about robins at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

4)  The spring rabbits have sprung from their dens.  They’re all over the neighborhood, brazenly going about their business, as they have not yet been discovered by the neighborhood foxes.   

5)  The frog chorus began in the early afternoon today.  I couldn’t believe it.  On warm nights in spring and summer the frogs start up at the edge of dark, but today they sang all afternoon while I worked.  Perhaps they were as happy as I was about the weather.

6)  The yard is full of blooms!  Check it out…

The azaleas are starting to wilt, but the rhododendrons are in full bloom.

I love the way hosta totally disappear in winter leaving the ground bare…and then they burst from the earth like magic every spring.  Some are already huge.

We have several varieties of mint popping through the mulch and spreading like crazy.

Time to make tea…




  1. Verry pretty 🙂

    • Thanks Seasonsgirl!

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