Posted by: ktzefr | April 10, 2012

April Sky…and the rites of spring

Tulips; Photo:KFawcett

“Zephyrus returns and leads back the fine weather and the flowers

and the grass, his sweet family, and chattering Procne and weeping

Philomena, and Spring, all white and vermilion;

the meadows laugh and the sky becomes clear again, Jupiter is glad-

dened looking at his daughter, the air and the waters and the earth

are full of love, every animal takes counsel again to love.”

~  Petrarch, Rima 310

(Zephyrus is the west wind; Procne and Philomena, the swallow and the nightingale.  Jupiter and his daughter Venus are here the planets, in favorable astrological relation.)

The night sky…

If you haven’t seen the night sky this month, be sure to have a peek.  Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn are visible at nightfall for most of the month of April in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  Venus, Jupiter, and Mars pop out first thing at dusk throughout the month of April.  Venus and Jupiter — the sky’s most brilliant planets — should be easy to see all month with Venus being the higher planet and Jupiter the lower.   Check out EARTH/SKY: A Clear Voice for Science for more information.

The birds…

“…every animal takes counsel again to love.”  I was reading on the back porch yesterday when I was distracted by a ruckus in the  yard.  Four cardinals, two males and two females, were performing their own rite-of-spring dance in the trees. 



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