Posted by: ktzefr | March 22, 2012

Five Fun Facts about Forsythia

The leaf that has fallen from the branches of the forsythia

Beside you…

What is all this?

I know how furiously your heart is beating.

~ Wallace Stevens (“Gray Room”)


Forsythia flowers; Photo:KFawcett


1) Forsythia is named in honor of William Forsyth, one of the founders of the Royal Horticultural Society.

2)  Native to China, the pretty yellow flowering bush was discovered by Robert Fortune, a great 18th century plant hunter.

3)  Fortune was sent to China by the Horticultural Society to find blue-flowered peonies and tea plants and to investigate the peaches growing in the emperor’s private garden.  In addition to forsythia Fortune found and later introduced many exotic and beautiful plants to Europe. 

4) In traditional Chinese medicine forsythia is used to detoxify the body and treat colds and fever.

5) All flowers have a meaning.  The Victorians used flowers as a symbol to express their feelings.  The meaning of forsythia in flower language?  Anticipation. 

Perfect!  I can’t think of a better word for these first flowers of spring.








  1. Enjoyed the info. Thanks

  2. I love the burst of colour in spring. I use it with daffodils as I think they compliment eachother beautifully!

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