Posted by: ktzefr | January 9, 2012

Morning in St. Thomas…

Outside my window snow is coming down in fine flurries, like salt from a giant shaker.  Last week I was wearing shorts and walking in the sunshine — and sometimes warm rain showers —  in the Virgin Islands.   One morning I took a walk along Great Bay, Muller Bay, and the road to Cabrita Point on the East End of St. Thomas.  It was mostly quiet.  I passed a taxi driver snoozing in the back seat of his open-air safari truck beneath a seagrape tree, noticed a young family alone on the beach at Muller Bay, and crashed an iguana convention.  Here are a few pics.

A glimpse of the beach at Great Bay on the road to Cabrita Point, St. Thomas, USVI; Photo:K Fawcett


The bougainvillea is always in bloom; Photo: K Fawcett


The Fishtail Palm had loads of berries, mostly green, but a few had turned red…

Fishtail Palm, St. Thomas, USVI; Photo:K Fawcett


The tree gets its name from the shape of the leaves…

The banana trees were full of fruit…

After a quick rain…

Bird of Paradise; Photo:K Fawcett

Rain on the seagrape; Photo:K Fawcett


I don’t mind rain in the tropics.  In fact, I enjoy listening to the night rains and watching the occasional downpour.  It keeps everything lush and green and fills the cisterns for the people who live on the island.  When it doesn’t rain families have to purchase water from the local water truck.  It’s expensive.  A tank of water costs more than $300. 

And, if it didn’t rain, there would be no rainbows…


A few locals, however, prefer the sun and a place to stretch out amongst the warm rocks.

It’s all good in my book, as long as I can find a quiet spot away from the crowds.

Great Bay, Cabrita Point, St. Thomas, USVI; Photo:K Fawcett





  1. It’s beautiful there. I’m going this summer 😉

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