Posted by: ktzefr | November 14, 2011

To Come and Go Like Magic…off to Kentucky!

I’m excited about my upcoming trip later this week to Kentucky to accept the 2011 Evelyn Thurman Young Readers Award for To Come and Go Like Magic.  The book has received many nice reviews and some special awards, but this one is close to my heart as it comes from Western Kentucky University in my home state.  I’m from the eastern hills, however, and I’ve never been to that part of the state, so I’m taking some time to browse and poke around and see what the “other side” of Kentucky is all about.  I’ll let you know.


I almost forgot that it’s fall.  It’s a tee shirt and sandals and working-outside day.   I was so engrossed (perhaps that’s not exactly the right word) this morning reading the last essays from the middle school writing workshop I teach, when a gust of November wind swept across the back porch taking all the papers with it.  Our  deck is off the second floor so it’s sort of like a tree house.  I’m up here with the squirrels and birds and I like that, but when papers get caught in the wind they go everywhere.  I had to run around the yard and retrieve them and then anchor everything down with folders and my cell phone.  But it was way too nice to give up and go inside.  I’m still here with leaves falling on the laptop and the sun hanging at just the right angle that I need my straw hat to block the glare.  I look rather silly, but I’m enjoying every minute of it.



  1. I’m like you, can’t let a few leaves & the wind keep me from soaking up a warm autumn day… Congrats on the awards!

    • Thanks! It was a beautiful day and I stayed outside until almost dark.

    • Thanks! I stayed outside until almost dark. Beautiful day.

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