Posted by: ktzefr | October 1, 2011

Last blooms of summer?

“A poem/makes us see/everything/for the first time.” ~ Francisco X Alarcon


So I go about looking for some small thing I may have missed…

September is ending and I don’t want to let summer go.  The daisies have no blooms, but they still have green, frilly leaves.  Morning glories open and close every day — purple, white, and white with thin blue stripes.

Recent downpours have waterlogged the impatiens, but they bloom profusely. 

The garden-in-pots on my deck has never looked better.  But there’s a cool breeze stirring, like all things good and bad that can’t be bought or made or made to go away, and it seems intent on turning summer into a memory.

Suddenly, there’s the small thing I’ve been looking for.  Last year’s poinsettia’s leaves are all green now, and amongst the philodendrons and ferns, it looks like just another tropical plant that doesn’t do anything.  Still, the poinsettia carries a red secret in its veins…



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