Posted by: ktzefr | September 12, 2011

Morning glories, Mexican heather, morning dew…

Morning glories;Photo:KFawcett

Morning glories;Photo:KFawcett












I love the blue and purple blooms of late summer.  When I was growing up in Kentucky wild morning glories would take over the garden about this time of year, winding up cornstalks and twirling around the sagging tomato plants.  Each flower blooms once.  Each bloom holds several seeds.  Each seed can produce lots of flowers. 

The tiny flowers and fern-like leaves of Mexican heather is especially pretty this time of year.  I have two plants and I just learned that they can also grow indoors.  So I’m going to bring at least one of them inside over the winter and see what happens.  It would be lovely to have purple flowers inside during the cold months.

Rose of Sharon;Photo:KFawcett


This Rose of Sharon, with morning dew still clinging to its blooms, came up on its own by jumping under the fence from the neighbor’s house.  An elderly couple used to live next door and they had a gorgeous garden with hundreds of daffodils in spring, several dogwood trees, azalea, and rhododendron bushes.  When they moved away, the new owners cut down or dug up every last tree, bush, and flower to have a wide, green lawn.  But the Rose of Sharon slipped under the fence and is thriving at our place.

This is a smile — don’t you think?



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