Posted by: ktzefr | July 22, 2011

Melting in DC…

Do I hear thunder?  I’m crossing fingers mentally as I type.  It’s way beyond hot here — 102 degrees for real and feels like 115!  It’s hotter here than it is on the equator, for goodness sakes.  Quito, Ecuador has an outrageous high of 68 degrees today!  And my friends in the Virgin Islands?  It’s 87, partly cloudy, and a steady breeze from the tradewinds.  One has to come north to melt…

One of our resident bunnies found a shady, but not much cooler, place to stretch out.

Rose of Sharon in bloom;Photo:KFawcett


The Rose of Sharon bush loves the heat and humidity, thinking perhaps that it’s at home somewhere in the tropics — except the tropics aren’t this hot. 

honey bee on the last of the daylilies;Photo:KFawcett

The daylilies are almost gone, but this little bee is making the most of the last bloom.  I don’t see too many honeybees any more, though I do have a wild vine with tiny white flowers growing over the holly bushes that seems to attract them.  I tend to let the wild things grow when I can.  Sometimes I get a jungle, as in the green wall of bamboo at the very end of my back yard, but occasionally something climbs and blooms, like this…

A wild white morning glory — moonflower, maybe.  It comes back every year, so I leave it be.

Yes!  It’s definitely the rumble of thunder and the skies are getting darker.  The sky here has been a yucky gray all week.  I’m imagining a downpour bringing blue skies, puffy clouds, a cool breeze, and a bright sun.   It’s nice to have an imagination.  But tomorrow we’re supposed to have more of the same…



  1. It’s booming here, too, but not as hot. I love your photos.

    • Thanks! The thunder abated. No rain. Maybe next week they say.

  2. the white flowered vine could also be bind weed.
    It’s in the 80s and dry here in Santa Fe NM with tempetures dropping to the low 60s at night. I worry for my vegetable garden back there in northern Virginia.

    • Bind weed? Maybe. The pics I found look like mine except the flowers for the bindweed were pinkish. Apparently, it can be a nuisance for some farmers. So far it just climbs on one rather ugly bush and gives it some bloom. Everything is dry here, but we’re supposed to get rain next week. I’ve moved potted plants to the shade.

  3. I always thought it was wild potato; to go along with the wild strawberries, wild onions and grape vines all choking my garden. 🙂

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