Posted by: ktzefr | June 30, 2011

If ever there were a day so perfect…

If ever there were a day so perfect… 

Billy Collins said this about a day in spring.  But spring has come and gone, with a few sweltering days of 90+ degrees, and now summer is here, and, at least for today it’s blue skies, bright sunlight, and cool (yes, cool) breezes. 

For three days I watched a bird building its nest.  She came and went so quickly, swooping over the porch and through the trees, that I couldn’t tell what kind of bird it was — black, brown, gray; a big bird.  In the almost-twenty years of living in this house I don’t recall a bird ever building a nest in the dogwood tree (we have an amazingly huge dogwood).  They generally like to build nests in the corners beneath the deck or the tree house.  The chickadees love the swinging houses in the trees, and the thick foliage of the snowball bush (it’s really a tree, too) is a perfect place for a bird to find privacy.  But this one chose the top of the dogwood tree — smack in the middle of the squirrel highway. 

With binoculars in hand I finally glimpsed the red breast.  A robin!  The robins love our woodsy backyard as the ground is covered in wood chips that are easily scattered after a rain to find worms.  And for those critters that prefer seeds to worms?  There is constant activity at the front-yard feeder.

Squirrels and birds; Photo:KFawcett

The butterfly bush burst into bloom while we were away and I’m awaiting the return of the monarchs and swallowtails.  The hummingbirds came back in April, the mama rabbit had two babies that are now big enough to go to the clover patch on their own, and the chipmunks have multiplied and become more brazen about dining in our presence. 

Yep, it’s a perfect day!





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