Posted by: ktzefr | June 8, 2011

World Oceans Day: Celebrate the Seas!

I grew up in the hills of Eastern Kentucky hundreds of miles from the sea.  The first time I saw the ocean I was a college student.  Daytona Beach, Florida.  My brother, sister-in-law, and my niece and nephew showed me the ocean.  In a few days my family is going with this same nephew and his family to the Caribbean and I get a chance to show them one of my favorite places in the whole world: St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  Take a quick peek through the trees…

St. John, US Virgin Islands; Photo:KFawcett

In 1956 Laurence Rockefeller donated 5,000 acres of the island of St. John to the federal government to establish a national park.  With other donations that followed, the Virgin Islands National Park now includes 7,200 acres of land and 5,600 acres of underwater lands.

Beaches, St. John, USVI; Photo:KFawcett


St. John, USVI; Photo:Dylan Fawcett

The biggest town on the island…

Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI; Photo:DFawcett

Just another island sunset…

St. John, USVI; Photo:DFawcett


It’s World Oceans Day!  Join the conversation HERE and see what people are doing for celebration and conservation around the world.   

“Earth’s oceans were once thought to be inexhaustible sources of food, but they cannot sustain the demands humans have placed on them.”  ~ One Fish, Two Fish, Crawfish, Bluefish: The Smithsonian Sustainable Seafood Cookbook by Carole C. Baldwin and Julie H. Mounts.   Check out this terrific cookbook with 150 recipes from America’s top chefs using sustainable fish and shellfish.

See a historical timeline about our National Marine Sanctuaries

Get local St. John news HERE.  Watch the waves and listen to Kenny Chesney sing about his favorite place…





  1. Katie,
    These photos were so inspiring, and so is your interest in conservation. I seriously want to go here, now! The “biggest” town is just my size. Your photos are incredible!

    • Thanks, Melissa. It’s easy to take pretty pictures when the scenery is beautiful.

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