Posted by: ktzefr | June 5, 2011

Keeping a Clematis Happy

I may get mostly bills when I go to the mailbox, but I’m also rewarded with the luscious blooms of my lavender clematis.

Clematis in bloom!


I’ve had a variety of colors over the years and I’ve always called the plant Cle-MA-tis, but I discovered recently that the correct pronunciation is CLEM-uh-tis.   I’m not sure I can change at this point.  Besides, everyone I know calls this plant Cle-MA-tis.

I don’t do much to get these blooms.  I planted the vine in full sun.  I mulch in the spring, water a couple of times a week, and fertilize every couple of weeks.  When new growth comes out in the spring I use fishing line to tie it round the mail box for support.  And, of course, I visit at least once a day when I pick up the mail. 

It seems to be happy!

To learn more about growing clematis (how to feed, mulch, water, choose a planting site, and deal with stem rot), check the official website of The American Clematis Society.





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