Posted by: ktzefr | May 31, 2011

To Come and Go Like Magic – Battle of the Books 2012

TO COME AND GO LIKE MAGIC has been selected for Battle of the Books 2012 in Halifax, Nova Scotia!  Woozles, Canada’s oldest children’s bookstore, has been running the Battle of the Books program since 1986.  Books chosen for the competition include both current titles and classics, international titles and books published in Canada.  Student teams from various schools read the selected titles and compete in games (similar to “It’s Academic”). 

The “battle” is a year-long process with books chosen in early May and Round 1 of the competition beginning in January.  The Final Game generally takes place in May.

Check out the short video clip about Battle of the Books that aired on CTV.  For additional information about how the program works, please check out the FAQs for Battle of the Books.  This sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to promote reading!





  1. Katie, I just read TO COME AND GO LIKE MAGIC after finding it mentioned in your blog. (I was actually googling “crepe paper flowers” when I discovered “Kite Dreams” and saw the book mentioned there. I bought the Nook version of TO COME AND GO LIKE MAGIC and began reading it immediately. Talk about nostalgia; there are so many things in the book that make me think of my growing up years in the Kentucky River Foothills!

    I am chair of the Kentucky Bluegrass Awards, Kentucky’s children’s choice book awards program and would love to have a conversation with you about the book.

    • Thanks so much!! I’ll email you and we’ll chat.

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