Posted by: ktzefr | May 7, 2011

A Tribute to Mom

Looking at old photos…

It’s always amusing to look at pics of my mom and dad at a time before I knew them. 

My mom spent all of her life in Eastern Kentucky.  As a child she lived in coal mining camps.  Her dad worked in the mines and her brothers, one after another, also went into the mines — at least for awhile.  Mom never forgot the hardships her dad endured or the special moments her family spent together.  With nine living children to raise, my grandparents never had much money.  But the family was rich in other ways.  They were close-knit, making sure they were always there for each other, and my mom had a deep and abiding faith; she never gave up hope, and her patience and courage were enviable.  She and my dad ran a grocery store out in the country and, in more than 30 years in business, they took only one vacation. 

Mom was not a traveler until her senior years.  She got on an airplane for the first time when she was sixty-five years old.  She had come to visit us in DC and she flew back home.  After that trip, however, she could pack her bag on a moment’s notice and head north to see me and my sister or to Michigan or Florida to see her own sisters.  She grew to love the Eastern Shore on her summer visits and left the country once with us to Bermuda.  She was the easiest person in the world to please.  Her love was unconditional and she didn’t expect much in return.  I miss her, but I am constantly seeing reminders of her and our time together…

Mom's "Crazy Eights" quilt; Photo:KFawcett

Outside my kitchen window…the lilac and almond bushes she brought from Kentucky; the snowball bush my son and I planted while she “supervised”; the butterfly bush she bought on one of her visits.   I have quilts she made by hand stacked in the closet and hanging in my stairwell, novelty plates she collected on her “travels” or received as gifts from other travelers, a great looking rooster she bought me at the Eastern Shore, and a myriad of other things. 

For a quiet person, my mom had a huge presence in our lives.  She still does…


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