Posted by: ktzefr | May 6, 2011

Horses, Hats, and Juleps…

It’s just 23 hours and a handful of minutes!

Click HERE to take a look at the contenders.

Most pretty horses in KY won’t be in the race.  They’ll be lounging around the farm, swatting at flies, and keeping ears perked for the news of winners…like the rest of us.

KY horses; Photo:DFawcett


In the gallery of pictures from the Kentucky Derby there is always a sea of hats.  They come in every color.  They are almost always decorated with ribbons or feathers or flowers.  They’re usually big, often enormous.  If you saw the Royal Wedding last week, you may recall the strange little hat Victoria Beckham wore that looked like it was falling off her head or the wild hats the Ferguson girls sported.  If you missed it, click HERE to take a peek at the royal hats.  I’m not sure what the hat scene will look like at the Derby tomorrow, but you can get an idea of what to expect HERE.  (Once at the site, click on the various galleries to take a gander.)

Juleps??  Ah…I’m a native Kentuckian, but I much prefer a pina colada to a mint julep.  However, if you want to go with tradition for the race, check out this recipe for the Food Network’s Perfect Mint Julep.



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