Posted by: ktzefr | April 26, 2011

Snowballs in April!

It’s a gloriously sunny day and the blossoms on my snowball bush (tree!) have turned from green to white.  Have a peek…

I can look out onto the top of the snowball bush from my second-floor study.  It’s full of birds in winter and blooms in spring.  The only thing I can think of that accounts for its monster growth is that we planted it in the spot where an old scrub pine once stood.  The pine uprooted in a storm several years ago (the roots must have started rotting away years earlier) and left an incredible, naturally-rich spot for planting.  We didn’t bother to fill in the hole with dirt, but chose to fill it, instead, with the then tiny snowball bush. 

Vibernum - snowball bush; Photo:KFawcett

When I was growing up in Kentucky we had a snowball bush beside the chimney.  Almost every spring we took a few pictures in front of the bush.  For me the snowball was always a sure sign of a new season; it still is.


**Thomas Jefferson planted a snowball bush at Monticello.  Check out the historical info HERE.



  1. WOW, that reminds me of the one mamaw had next to her house :0)

  2. Oh my… I’ve never seen a snowball bush before, Katie. I LOVE it. And it does look like snowballs. How absolutely wonderful (and even better that you associate positive childhood memories with it).

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