Posted by: ktzefr | April 22, 2011

Bunny Stories

Backyard bunny

My first bunny sighting of the spring came a few weeks ago.  This fellow is rather hefty and wasn’t the least bit afraid of me.  The wild critters in my backyard are getting way too friendly.  They’ve put down roots, so to speak, and loving the wild clover and other juicy green tidbits that spring up on their own.

Rosita and the Rabbit…

Rosita and the rabbit; Photo: KFawcett

A few years ago we were visiting family in Kentucky and met Rosita and the rabbit.  Rosita is one of a herd (is that what you call them?) of miniature donkeys.  That year all of the mature female donkeys had babies and the moms and babes roamed the fields together eating and playing and socializing.  But Rosita didn’t have a baby and she was left out of the “inner circle” of donkeys. 

I believe the rabbit had belonged to one of the kids and was living in the barn at the time, but he kept slithering out of his cage and taking to the fields.   He didn’t hop too far, however, before meeting and making friends with Rosita.  The bunny didn’t have a mom and Rosita didn’t have a baby, so they bonded quickly.  The two roamed the fields together eating and playing and acting like all the other moms and babes.

I’m not sure they ever made the “inner circle,” but I don’t think they cared.  Families come in all kinds of configurations…



  1. Rosita and the Rabbit: sounds like a picture book to me.
    check out:

    • I thought about it. 🙂 They were such a cute couple and the highlight of one summer’s visit to KY.

  2. What a truly wonderful story. I agree: picture book idea in the making!

    • Guess I’ll have to think about this…

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