Posted by: ktzefr | April 16, 2011

Of Mice and Blooms

On this sunny Friday I was able to work on the back porch all afternoon, and  I took a walk around the yard to check out the blooms. 

The dogwood trees are just starting to flower.

Dogwood, Photo:KFawcett

And there are more white blooms on the Japonica bushes…

Pieris Japonica shrub in flower, Photo:KFawcett

A closer look at the “chains” of white flowers.

Pieris Japonica, Photo:KFawcett

Periwinkle flowers come and go quickly.

Periwinkle, Photo:KFawcett

Wild mayapples come up every year amongst the periwinkle and ivy.

Mayapples, Photo:KFawcett

What’s this?!

Mouse inspecting fern, Photo:KFawcett

Every critter was out and about in the spring weather.  I saw a huge bunny spring across the yard at one point. (I suspect babies are on the way.)  The squirrels were playing their usual games of tag and follow the leader, jumping from the maple to the dogwood to the holly to the pines on their highway through the trees.  And it appears that someone has already taken up residence in the tiny birdhouse hanging from the hophorn beam tree. 

Tomorrow I’m going to check on the monarch butterfly migration.  Check back for details!



  1. Katie and her critters! Cute photo of the mouse. We have some in our house we are trying to get rid of! I’m off to Mexico next week for my niece’s wedding — I’ll keep you posted.

    • This mouse had absolutely no fear of me…they’re getting brave nowadays that we no longer have cats!

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