Posted by: ktzefr | April 7, 2011

Six Reasons to Love Small Things…

In a world where BIG is better and you can supersize all kinds of stuff, the small things often go unappreciated.  Here are six reasons why I love tiny things…

1)  You can carry them in your pocket or purse.

You never know when you may be in the mood for candlelight…in the park or at the beach or on the porch.   This little candle, which measures 2 in. x 2 in. will last for many hours.  It’s in a tin box with a lid.  The scent is called “Day at the Beach” and it smells heavenly.  I bought it in the Virgin Islands a couple of years ago but just this week read the sticker on the bottom and discovered that it was made in Maryland about 15 miles from my home!

2)  You can own a zillion small things and still find space for more.

Fisherman on coral.

The gorgeous blue water here is a page torn from a Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.  The little fisherman on his chunk of coral takes up only about 3 or 4 square inches of the page.

3)  Small things fit nicely in carry-on luggage when you travel so you can bring back lots of prezzies without paying extra.  A few of my favorites…

…a cute little lamb my son brought back from Ireland, sitting on a mirror I bought in Mexico.

Irish lamb...

…a tiny church from Peru that I picked up between planes in the San Juan, Puerto Rico airport many years ago.  I originally bought it for my mom and she kept it sitting with her little “what nots” for years; now it sits with mine.

…a string of mini stars from Mexico to remind me of the huge starry lanterns that hang from ceilings and trees and walkways and the real ones scattered across the clear, pitch-black skies of the Sierra Madre.

4)  Small things get noticed.  You would be surprised how often guests will totally miss the antique armoire that takes up half the room, but they’ll spot the tiny red-eyed leaping frogs the minute they walk in the door.

5)  Almost anything you can think of that comes in large…


…also comes in small.

6)  Small things often come in great numbers…

British Virgin Island beaches alongside calm water harbor millions of the tiniest shells and almost every one is perfect.

…and sometimes the small things in life are free!



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