Posted by: ktzefr | December 4, 2010

Contemplating the extraordinary…in young people and plants

“In your dreams I will send millions of stars,/As long as you, in your prayers, also mention my name.” ~ Eka Budianta (Indonesia)

I am always amazed by the natural, and often extraordinary, generosity of young people and their ability to empathize with others whose lives are so very different from their own.  This link came yesterday from a friend at Thomson Family Adventures in Massachusetts.

“At the age of 11 Jim’s niece Jessica spent two years in Indonesia while her father did relief work.  Now at 16 Jessica has created a beautiful photo essay about her impressions, titled The Makings of Hope.  Her time in Banda Aceh (Indonesia) affected her profoundly and the depth of feeling and expression in this essay are remarkable.  It’s an emotional watch, and well worth the seven minutes.”


The corn plant (Dracaena fragrans) is in full bloom!  Every night our house is filled with the sweet scent of the tropics.  As soon as the blooms close up for the year it’ll be time to bring in the fir tree and fill the house with Christmas.  Although I like the smell of scented candles and tasty waves of goodness emanating from the oven, I especially enjoy these natural scents while they last.

Blooming corn plant

The plant has three blooming stalks like the one above.  Have a closer peek…

Every night at dusk a few white “stars” open and produce this incredible fragrance.  By the next morning those blossoms have closed, and the next night new ones bloom.  When they’re all done, that’s it — until next year.  I had the plant for at least 15+ years before it did anything, and then one Thanksgiving it bloomed and has repeated this event for the past three years.   I hope it continues, but I don’t have a clue how to ensure that it does.  Perhaps I could Google it…

A close-up look at the stars.  I wish I could send a little of the scent your way…:)




  1. These plant smell amazing. I have a plant that we call a Christian in a Manger and it smells the same. I love it.

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