Posted by: ktzefr | December 2, 2010

To Come and Go Like Magic…goes to Brazil!

In early November I received an email from a young girl in Tres Passos, Brazil who had read the reviews of my book online and had tried, with no luck, to find a copy in her country.   I was touched by her email and asked if she would mind if I shared it with readers.  And, of course, I promised to send her a copy of To Come and Go like Magic.

Here then is Tainara’s email exactly as written…


I’m writing this e-mail in a total despair. I can’t stop reading reviews from your book! Every time, I feel like I can’t wait to read all the pages. I’m desperated! But, unfortunately, I can’t find your book here on Brazil. I tried on many sites and bookstores, EVERYWHERE HERE! I only find on international sites, but, unfortunately, (AGAIN!!!) I don’t have a international card. My parents don’t let me get one. Could you please stay in contact with some publishers from here? I’d love to see your book here! Thanks for the attention. Your work is amazing! I adore it.

Best Wishes,

So I packed a copy of the book, took it to the local Parcel Plus, paid the postage (a stiff sum for the journey to Brazil, but worth it for a serious fan), and sent it off.  Two days later, the book came back.  I had not filled out the proper Customs papers.  Considering all the traveling and mailing I’ve done over the years, I shouldn’t have made this error.  In any case, off I went again, this time to the US Post Office.  With Customs papers in order and everything approved, the book went flying off again to Brazil.  I gave it a 50/50 chance of actually arriving at its destination unscathed.  But arrive it did!

And Tainara’s follow-up email came yesterday…

Hey! 🙂
The book has just arrived. It’s just beautiful. I loved the colors and the material of the jacket.
The spine of the hardcover is so beautiful and shining. I will read it soon, but I can already say this:
I would also like to come and go like magic.
Thanks again for your gift. I really liked.

So what if it took a month…there’s still a little magic left in the old-fashioned mail service!  And now there’s at least one happy young girl in that huge South American country reading about another young girl growing up in Eastern Kentucky (Appalachia) in the 70s.

For Tainara…hugs e felicidade!


  1. Well…how sweet of you! It happens a lot to me, there’s so many books I’d love to read, but I can’t find them here. Lucky me to receive your amazing gift.

    ”For Tainara…hugs e felicidade!” ooown, so cute! FELICIDADE for you too, Katie. 🙂

    • Hope you enjoy it!

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