Posted by: ktzefr | November 27, 2010

Under the spell…

I spent Saturdays during the last month leading a writing workshop for middle-school students that ended last week, so today I’m feeling as free as a bird — or I was until I remembered that I have not done one minute of Christmas shopping.  I didn’t even consider going out on Black Friday, but I ran into a friend yesterday at the local grocery store who was still bright-eyed and cheerful after having gotten up and out to the stores before daylight.  She’d made a killing, too, listing stuff she’d gotten at incredible discounts.  Maybe I should have gone shopping…


Smithsonian Magazine came in the mail and I sat down to do the first flip-through and discovered lots of goodies — from living with orangutans in Borneo to the story of the Nixon/Elvis meeting, to the fate of the cave bear.  There’s a gorgeous crocheted coral reef on exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History’s Sant Ocean Hall in DC for those who are in town or plan to be in town during the holidays. You can check out how it was made HERE.

I was delighted to see, too, a story about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Lots of people avoid traveling to Mexico these days for good reason, considering the troubles along the border, but this UNESCO World Heritage site in the mountains of Guanajuato state still seems able to draw visitors and retirees.  Check out the story HERE.

My own blog posts and pics of San Miguel de Allende have been popular with my readers the past year.  See post titles under “Mexico” in “Categories” (right-hand column).

For other stories in the December issue click HERE.


It’s sunny, windy, and cold.  It doesn’t look like Christmas.  One neighbor does have their Christmas tree in the window and another has a yard full of blow-up santas and elves and reindeer.  The yard full of Christmas  stuff with the million and one lights strung up and down almost every inch of the house looks like a fairyland at night.  But during the day it all goes flat, caught in the sweep of the last leaves.  If we didn’t have the holidays to get excited about, late fall might be pretty yucky…

But we do and I’m thinking about going out.  Perhaps the music and the bells and the new chill in the air will put me under the spell…


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