Posted by: ktzefr | November 5, 2010

To Come and Go Like Magic: News and Interviews…

Saturday, November 6 — Check out my interview online with Beth Hull at Nebula…

BH: I could be wrong, but To Come and Go Like Magic seems like one of those books that the author just had to write…like you couldn’t not write it. What inspired the story?

KF: My own childhood growing up in Appalachia was the inspiration for the setting, characters, and experiences.  Some years back I read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and loved the way she told the story in vignettes.  I was excited to write a book about Appalachia in this style with glimpses into the lives of many different characters…

Click HERE to link to complete interview.

News of the hour — To Come and Go Like Magic (Kindle Edition) is #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller List of children’s ebooks in the category “Country Life,” #10 in “Multigenerational,” and #32 in “Where We Live.”

Amazon’s ebook list is updated hourly — but this is a nice way to end a busy Friday!

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